Our complete packaging plan is about working directly with the customer and customizing a solution that meets their needs.  We start by listening to the customer and defining their novelty packaging needs, then the customer chooses their own specialized filling equipment with a wide variety of options and capabilities.  Since we know that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach never really fits anybody, we provide the customer with the opportunity to customize their own program from the size and material of their packaging to the specifications of their own filling equipment.

As our mission states: “
We commit to supply the highest quality packaging solutions for frozen cup novelty manufacturers and offer the most competitive pricing in the industry with a dedication to excellence in customer satisfaction and service.”

Our complete packaging plan places the customer in the center and focuses on resolving and simplifying the ongoing production issues affecting the frozen novelty producer.  High quality packaging at competitive pricing delivered with excellent service leads to a great frozen novelty product and a successful producer.

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